Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Why does when one stressful thing happen, it seems like the floodgates open?
I did pretty well on the food budget, but ended up spending way more than I wanted to on things that could definitely be classified as wants.
Roughly $100 toward food, but on last minute school supplies for my youngest's major project, sneakers for me, and stuff I used to stockpile with coupons but have been buying, skewed my other spending to $150 more, all spent yesterday.
And today, after having one of the twin's home all day unexpectedly, and the other a planned half day which is always stressful, my eating is way up.
And, I need to exercise.
Didn't do anything at all today, and I know the less I move, the more stressed I get, and there goes the eating.
Planned spending today was car insurance, and the planned kid lunch spending.
Still hoping to make my planned $400 toward CC debt on Friday.
Wish me luck.

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