Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Debt, not just Credit Cards.

$12500 is roughly what I owe in CC debt.
I am getting semi -discouraged, because I am throwing a good amount of money at my overall debt, and when I see my CC debt stagnant or even increase, makes me want to dive into cheesecake.
No bueno.
I am keeping the focus on CC debt, but hoping that seeing the big number go down will help fight off debt fatigue.
After Rainman slammed the already rickety exterior front door, the want to replace went to the damn thing won't open need to be replaced.
As the back exterior door was one good Rainman slam from falling off, ordered through the Home Depot, and after the usual Home Depot incompetence, three weeks later I have new doors :)
I raided the ING house improvement fund (deleted it pretty much), and am waiting for the payment to post to my Discover.
I also hope to pay off the balance on my car loan this Friday, which will make me smile.
Working on Christmas presents.
Forrest is largely done, mostly DVDS (he had a long list), maybe a new DVD player and a DVD or two that hasn't been released yet.
Rainman is next, I've only got him one VHS tape only (he always wants older vids that never made it to DVD), and I need to pick him up mostly inexpensive toys and art supplies.
I need to pin down the other two, Bathboy will most likely want XBox games, and game related gifts, while my daughter has just got her permit and may want money for her car fund.
I know this is a common lament, but Xmas comes way too fast every year.