Friday, January 21, 2011

Debt Progess

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.
I find myself saying that quite often, these days.
Especially like today, snow day, stay home from school day for everyone but Rainman, who wants to simply drive for hours to stave off the no school tantrum.
I really have no idea how he's going to handle not going to school every day when he ages out in three years.
Got a surprise child support payment (my younger two's father rarely pays child support), and put that toward Visa.
Not a great week income wise, but that's where the swimming part comes in.
Paid myself $100 into E*Trade first thing ( as suggested by Penny at The Saved Quarter Challenge) and while it's not painless, it's the only way I save.
Going to bite the bullet, and as Grace at Thrifty Cheapskate suggested, just pay state taxes and use the mistaken federal tax payment towards 2010 federal.
This sucks, because it's $1400, and since it's not planned for/budgeted, there's really nowhere to take it from, so will put it on Visa.
And I was getting so close to snowballing the Visa debt off.
Other random bills:cell, student loan, and DunkinDonuts recharge (don't judge me, keeps me sane).
Credit Card Debt: $14,339.

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