Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowballing Snowflaking Debt

Sounds vaguely obscene, doesn't it?
If it's not clear, being self employed, my income is extremely variable.
At the beginning of the month, certain deposits are scheduled to come in, with others schedule through the month.
As any self employed person knows, never count on money until it's actually in your hand/direct deposited in your bank account.
Got a $250 deposit, and put that right toward credit card debt.
Yay me!

Looking at other personal finance blogs today, there seems to be widely differing opinions on coupons.
I spend way too much on food, and when I read "I spent $25 for a whole week's worth of food with coupons!" entries on Mommy bloggers blogs, I cringe to post what I spend on food.
Part of my problem is, four teenagers simply eat massive amounts of food.
With three of those teens being boys, they inhale food.
Two of the males have sensory issues, and meal time is a minefield no matter what.
My daughter eats like a bird, but she goes through veggies like it's her job.
The other issue I have is- I love to cook.
Not the "what's for dinner" type of cooking, but trying new recipes a la Dorie Greenspan.
I'm not willing ( and am lucky to be in a position to not have to, although seeing my debt others may disagree) cut down on buying fresh fruits and vegetables, but I do need to knock off the convenience junk food.
My compromise is buying most of my fresh foods at BJ's Wholesale Club, and picking up loss leaders according to the grocery flyers.
BJ's does accept coupons, but it really depends on the cashier's knowledge of BJ's coupon policy, and after a few bad experiences with coupons, I have been lazy about match ups.
Also, BJ's generic products (for which there are no coupons), so far have been equal to the name brand toilet paper, shampoo, deli products, and baking goods that I usually buy.
I really need to add "use coupons wisely" to my New Year's resolutions. :)

Great Blog I just found: Broke Foodie
Credit card debt: $15,420.

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