Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Payday :)

Sure goes fast.
Made a $560 disc.
Rainyday $100

Monday: kmart 20
BestBuy 150
Kids'lunches and my coffee :$20

Tuesday: Wet/dry vac $130
Kids/coffee $20

Wednesday: Food $100
Gas $70
Kids & Coffee $20

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back from the money pit.

Never ends.
For this to actually keep me accountable, it needs to be a daily post, at least until Mint decides to add my bank.
Citi 16,108.
Discover 11,111.
Total : 27,233
Up from last time.
I maxed 07 Roth and that's in an international fund.
According to Quizzle, at my income (which varies widely each week), I need $28,333 in a rainy day fund, just in case.
I have $300 in that account.
And the weeks leading up until tax time slowed my billing hours to a crawl.
But, next week, will be the last weak check from my main contractor.
To pay off my debt in 18 months, it will take 1737. a month.
Roughly $450 a week, with an additional $100 going to Roth 08.
Guess I better get busy, yes?

Daily spending:
Sunday papers: $5. +$1 ice tea for child who got them
Last minute book for child who tells me last day of vacation he needs it: $15
Ice cream with babygirl $6
Dunkin Donuts iced coffee to keep me from opening a vein $3.
Total : $30