Monday, July 29, 2013

Money, Money, Money.

  I am roughly still in debt for 35k, student loans, mortgage, everything, which isn't bad, considering where I started.
  In order, I need to pay off:
  SallieMae $8350.
  NationalEd: $5676.
  Mortgage: $18,365
  Credit Cards: $3000, interest free, pretty much paying off monthly.
  This week, need a plumbing problem looked at and fixed, so that will make my balance increase.
  When I get a quote on that, will pay that off first, then transfer SallieMae to a 0 balance transfer, then NationalEd.
  Then it will be only the mortgage, and as I pay that off, will be throwing money into fixing up the house, still need to do gutters, eventually windows, then see where I stand on selling and what I can afford for a new house.