Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Grape shampoo & Speed Roth

So, Forrest takes a shower, jumps into bed, and the dogs are all over him. He is yelling, so I go upstairs, and he is sticky, and smells like fruit.
"Forrest, did you use soap?"
"Yes, Mother, I did use soap, Mother, I used the purple soap."
I go check.
He used the grape jelly in the squeezable tube.
I am woefully behind on my retirement savings. And I need to aim for $4000 before the tax year ends.
There are more or less 13 paydays left until taxes close.
I need to have $308 each Wednesday to do this.
I am really going to have to push to do this.
I am going to do this by pushing myself with some drudge, barely pays stuff that I dislike, but I really need to generate income.
I am going to open a Roth here by tomorrow, as I just got a check from a client and I can deposit it tomorrow, as well as I get direct deposit tomorrow from my main employer.
I will post more tomorrow, as the children came back early and Rainman is wiping Chocolate ice cream on my ankle.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

2 Girls 1 Cup

2 girls 1 cup
Do not look.
There are some things that once seen, can not be unseen. But, add Rainman, and just about anything can be entertaining.
This video has been floating around for a while, along with "Four girls fingerpaint" (even worse) and the BME Pain Olympics (no, no, my eyes).
My memory was jogged about this incident that happened about a month or so ago by reading Save Leighann
I was trying to get some cleaning done when I hear the theme song to the infamous vid. Thinking it was Batboy (ds 13), I go running into my bedroom and Rainman is on youtube, watching this.
You will never see Kermit the Frog the same way.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I was reading Girls Just Wanna Have Funds and saw this cool new money program. It is called Mint.com, and it is similar to Microsoft Money Plus, but Mint is free.
Free is good :)
It tracks expenses by credit card, bank account (although my bank isn't listed), and so far, so good. It is extremely easy to use, and unfortunately, even with pretty software, my biggest expense is still gas.
Give it a look :)

Budget Busters

Right now, the biggest ridiculous expense is gas. Rainman goes to a school about an hour away, each way. That is four hours a day, and guess who drives him?
The school system is supposed to, there is an IEP with this in place, but for the last three months I have been hauling him there and back. Partly due to the fact that most of the bus drivers should be in special ed themselves, and partly do to a director of sped that is extremely scattered and cheerfully incompetant, I have been spending about $50 a day in gas plus about $10 for Rainman's "raisin bagel honey honey dip orange juice" (and my large french vanilla (don't even think about me driving without coffee) iced regular) and this is just money thrown away.
The Ex has been throwing a hundred to me about every other week toward gas, but this is killing my snowball (money thrown toward debt). This is supposed to be cleared up in a week or so, when they finally get Rainman a restraint that fits.
My confidence in this ending without going to mediation is zilch.
$300 a week toward gas and donuts.
This is so depressing.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Just a glimpse into my life

Morning :)
I got a lot done, revenue wise, but I didn't get much sleep, as usual. At some point Rainman crawled into bed with me, and I woke up in a warm pee circle. Rainman has an aversion to body hair, and struggling to wake I feel a razor shaving my dry legs and his dead weight on my ankles.
Just peachy.
Rainman's twin, Forrest (as in Gump) has been up since about 5 a.m., when he came into my room with "Mother, it is 5:02. May I get up yet?"
No, not till 6 a.m.
Then, I hear "Mother, it is 5:18. In 42 minutes it is 6."
Me: "Go to sleep till then"
Forrest :"Mother, I am sorry, so sorry. Mother, I am sorry"
"Fine, baby, just no tv till 6"
"Mother, so sorry I asked. Mother?"
Bleary, eyes burning "Yea?"
"It is 5:28, Mother. In 31 minutes it is 6, and I can watch tv."
Forrest, not till 6, k?
"I am sorry, so sorry, Mother. So sorry, so sorry I asked"
It's ok, just give me till 6,k?
"I am so sorry, sorry, so sorry, but Mother, can I ask you something?"
Garbled , yeah yeah?
"Mother, it is 5:38, and in 22 minutes, I can watch tv!"
The 6 a.m. rule is in place because of past instances of him getting up earlier and earlier to watch tv or turn on the computer- nothing like being woken at 3 a.m. by the theme to "Shrek" or "The internet is really really great-for porn!"
Forrest is also almost the total opposite of Rainman. Forrest is laid back, communicates well, and presents more with mental retardation than anything else. He is also a lot bigger than Rainman, and very gentle. His social, emotional and academic strengths and weaknesses are all over the place. He reads well- adult fiction such as Dennis Lehane and Robert B. Parker- but also baby books such as The Backyardigans or Thomas the Tank.
And Rainman is always trying to kill him.
Rainman is constantly going after him with anything he can pick up, and when there is nothing to pick up, he will kick, pinch and bite Forrest. I don't see this as much with me, but it does happen. It's one of the reasons I try to take Rainman on long rides and such, to give poor Forrest a break. Forrest is ok being home by himself, and will ask in a round about way, with subtle hints.
"Mother, may I ask you a question?"
"We are almost out of milk"
Hmm, there is a half gallon left, but, ok.
"Doesn't that mean you need to go shopping? And go today? Children need milk, Mother"
"Sorry, so sorry, Mother, sorry I asked."
I'll go in a bit, Forrest
Five minutes later:
"Mother, we need milk, Children need milk, Mother. Are you going shopping?"
Yup, in an hour, Forrest.
"Sorry, so sorry, sorry I asked, Mother."
And this will go on until I leave with Rainman.
Isn't autism fun? :)