Monday, January 3, 2011

Saved Quarter Challenge

The Saved Quarter has a great challenge up.

1.Determine your objective.
My objective is financially, erase CC debt, and personally, lose a substantial amount of weight.
To erase it in one year, I need to channel roughly $400. per week toward CC debt.
Weight wise, I'm aiming for two pounds a week, but will be ok with one pound per week.
For that, I need a 1k per day calorie deficient.
That's really not too bad.
2. Specific, measurable goals.
Above and beyond my other bills, I need to channel $400 weekly toward debt.
For the 1k daily deficient, daily walk or DVD along with cutting calories as tracked by my BodyMedia.
3. List ways to make or save money toward goal.
For January, do a freezer challenge.
Still buying fruits and veggies, but eating through my huge chest freezer.
Bake from scratch.
Aim for $100 week food goal.
Overhaul P Affs, N accounts, goal 100 b's per week.
Off to market my little heart out!


The Saved Quarter said...

What is "Off To Market?"

I'm glad to have you on board with the Saved Quarter Challenge and look forward to saving together this year. Good luck with both of your goals!

MorethanMom said...

"Off to market"-I do marketing/SEO as an IC.
Thanks for the challenge!
It's giving me some much needed inspiration :)

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Good Luck with your goals! We certainly have our work cut out for us!