Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keep on chugging...........

D-Free Day Sept. 1, 2012
Seems like I throw a lot at it, but it's just slowly going down.
I started a sub account at ING for house stuff.
Going to try to direct money into this account for house repairs.
It sounds goofy, but the best way for me to save is to earmark money into an account with a purpose, to not touch the money at all until it's time to buy.
Along with paying off cc debt (my number one goal, although student loans are up there), like any house, mine needs work.
I also plan on selling in maybe two years, closer to three, and I need to really amp up the curb appeal.
By November 1st, I need to replace four doors, two exterior and two entry.
Rainman keeps slamming them, and the front entry door has a full glass panel that is one slam away from shattering.
The others have born his stimming and kicks, and the exterior entry door is essentially duct taped in one section.
My goal is to divert $1500 by November 1st for the four doors plus installation, which I think I should be able to manage.
My design options are limited, as the doors are all odd sizes, which is a blessing in that I don;t really have a luxury door option.
Ten weeks, give or take, that I need to put $150 per week in the pot.
With my cc repayment, it's going to be even tighter than usual, but putting it out there for accountability.