Monday, July 29, 2013

Money, Money, Money.

  I am roughly still in debt for 35k, student loans, mortgage, everything, which isn't bad, considering where I started.
  In order, I need to pay off:
  SallieMae $8350.
  NationalEd: $5676.
  Mortgage: $18,365
  Credit Cards: $3000, interest free, pretty much paying off monthly.
  This week, need a plumbing problem looked at and fixed, so that will make my balance increase.
  When I get a quote on that, will pay that off first, then transfer SallieMae to a 0 balance transfer, then NationalEd.
  Then it will be only the mortgage, and as I pay that off, will be throwing money into fixing up the house, still need to do gutters, eventually windows, then see where I stand on selling and what I can afford for a new house.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm back :)

Total Debt $59,640

Since last year, it has gone down, by quite a bit actually, but not as much as I had planned. 

Plumbing emergency (which is going to need another expensive visit as the problem is ongoing), medical bills for my youngest for a surgery that was considered "cosmetic" but without it she couldn't walk without extreme pain and blood, upcoming dental visits for same one that may necessitate her going back into braces and definitely will require an expensive implant, and the usual expenses slowed me down, but seeing how far my total has gone down in a year, can't complain too much.

This year's belated goals are to pay off what's left of the student loans and the transferred to Visa private loan (a little under 40k total),and then I'll only have the mortgage, which is roughly 21,500.  My taxes are coming up, I need new gutters that I've been putting off forever and this year I need to replace my mattress and bed, the fridge, and the living room set that has been jumped on way too many times. 

Yeah, we shall see.

Meal plan for the week: 

Sunday:Pizza the Ex pays for, for lunch, then dinner is usually leftover pizza and get yourself some fruit or veggies.

Monday: Roasted carrots and red potatoes, crockpot skinless chicken breast (food allergies, I cook the chicken with just a little olive oil, and let each kid season it as they want), mac and cheese for Rainman.

Tuesday: Chicken fajita roll ups, side of brown rice (just me and babygirl).

Wednesday: Steak and roasted potatoes and carrots (just me and babygirl, she's the one with the worst food allergies).

Thursday: Rainman mac and cheese, me and babygirl cranberry walnut chicken salad with spinach.

Friday: most likely just me, so steak and spinach salad most likely. 

Saturday :Me and babygirl, veggies (of course) and a clean the fridge meal.

Goal is to bake blueberry muffins and oatmeal cookies for snacks.