Thursday, January 13, 2011

Credit Card Debt Update

Snow days are really interfering with my Saved Quarter Challenge mojo.
No school today, and late starts tomorrow leave me drained from keeping Rainman entertained while doing the Mommy Taxi thing for the others.
Just no time to do more work than "get by" stuff.
"Get by" does not make my bank account happy.
Since I paid the mortgage and a student loan (2 others are due next week as well as my car loan this Friday), I am not going to beat myself up about not throwing more money at the credit card debt on Friday, but counting what I paid Monday as my Saved Quarter Challenge goal met.
I still need to meet my pay myself first savings goal on Friday, and see what bills are left for the rest of January.
I also would like to incorporate menu planning, as other Mommy Bloggers swear by it for lowering grocery bills.

Great Blog: Budget Bytes
Credit Card Debt: $14,642.

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