Friday, December 24, 2010

CC Debt 16,600
FICO 671

For whatever reason, my FICO jumped from 664 to 671 overnight.
Going to adjust my 2011 FICO goal to 750.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rough 2011 Goals

$16,600. CC Debt.
$7000. Car Loan
$46,400. Student Loans
Total: $70000.

These are the debt I have minus my minuscule mortgage.
Still chugging away at the CC debt first.
Then car.
Then SLs.

Goals for 2011
Erase last of CC debt.
Finish funding Roth IRA $5000 by April 1st.
Fund Roth IRA $5000 2011.
Set up 401k, fund as possible. Goal 16500, evaluate at six month mark.
Raise credit score from 664 to 700 by end of year, evaluate at six month mark.

Food budget $200 week. (Which to me is low.)
Once CC's paid off, start down payment on Forever House Fund.