Thursday, January 13, 2011

Money Progress

It's still January, and I need a carrot to go with the stick of paying off credit card debt.
$4190. is the balance I have left on my Visa, and once that is paid off, I plan on transferring my remaining Discover debt to Visa, and get 0% interest until it's gone.
What I am still up in the air about is whether to get this debt monkey off my back as fast as possible, to the detriment of my retirement savings this year, or taking a month or so off and finish off my Roth IRA for 2010.
Back to the $4190.
To stave off debt fatigue, as soon as I pay off my Visa, I am going to allow myself a reward in the form of TurboFire Deluxe.
Going over my prior year's tax payments, I some how managed to pay Federal tax that was supposed to go to State, and getting the payment amount credited to the right place is apparently impossible.
Going to try one more time Tuesday or Wednesday, and if no one can help then going to say screw it and just pay State tax outright and then use the Federal payment overage to what I may owe this go round.

Paid Sallie Mae.
$100 E*Trade Roth IRA
Still need to pay my car loan, most likely tomorrow.
Credit Card Debt: $14,642.

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Life Goes On said...

I would suggest just saying screw it and pay the state out right. Use what you paid to the federal tax as what is owed this year.
Not worth the stress and I do not believe talking to the tax people will do any good and just making your life more stressful