Friday, December 26, 2014

End of Year Update and 2015 Goals

Been a weird year.
Had insurance covered hernia surgery, it was much worse than I could have imagined, had two huge hernias and needed mesh and the works.
And, looked amazing for maybe two months, and it came back.
According to doctor it's not weight related, but according to common sense it must be, so before I go under the knife and back into hell, I need to be at a much lower weight.
Financially, paid off the mortgage at the beginning of December, just waiting for the paperwork to be filed with the county.
And the house needs work, some cosmetic, some structural, all expensive.
And, dental surgery for youngest at the beginning of the month, around $6k.
Got two big hairy goals for this year, with one long term three year goal.
Max out Roth Ira and Roth 401k, 25k, yearly from now on.
Second, bi-monthly complete projects to get house up to par for a decent sale price.
Third, three year long term goal is 100k for a down payment, so if and when house sells no contingent agreement in the contract, and then just plow sell price back into the new mortgage, with the goal being a totally paid off new home. or one with a tiny mortgage.
Never thought I'd be consumer and mortgage free, and achieved that, so this I guess I'll see.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Financial Thoughts

What a difference six months makes.
I have some recent cc debt, due to yet another surgery and dental bills, interest free for six months on Discover and will have it paid off within two months or so, so meh.
What's left is the mortgage, only $13,500, steadily paying that off.
My next huge financial goal is three fold.
I need to put aside 20k for my surgery.
Would like to start a sludge fund for a new to me gas efficient car, my minivan is not only a gas guzzler has well over 100k miles on it, the repairs are getting a little more expensive each time something goes wrong, and starting in June will be driving a lot more, so looking at maybe 15k.
Last is that I am still trying to get into a bigger house, which requires a down payment of roughly 80k.
This house needs a lot of repairs, updating, and I keep going back and forth between putting it on the market as a fixer upper or sinking funds into it, which is sort of counter intuitive with Rainman's  banging behaviors.
All of the above costs money, of course, so my plan is:
Pay off the cc debt.
Start setting aside $500 a week no matter what to start chipping away at the total needed of 115k.
Just wanted to get this down somewhere.