Monday, January 10, 2011

Saved Quarter Challenge

Deposit came this morning, and out of that, put $620 toward CC debt.
On The Saved Quarter, there is a very timely post about paying yourself first.
I have in the past put this in play, and intellectually I know it works.
My savings will be on hold until I get my credit card debt paid off, but I still need a cushion, bigger than what I have on hand now.
My Saved Quarter Challenge Goal from now until I pay off my credit card debt will be to put away $50 to E*Trade each Friday.
I need this credit card debt gone so bad I can taste it.

Great Blog: Graceful Retirement
Credit Card Debt: $15,170.
On my nightstand: Dirty Secret by Jessie Sholl

1 comment:

The Saved Quarter said...

Great goal and welcome to the challenge!

On Monday, link your savings updates post to the challenge so other savers can come and encourage you on. :)