Monday, January 31, 2011

The Saved Quarter Challenge Monthly Update

Hello to all my fellow Saved Quarter Challenge getting out of debt peeps.
My goal is to get on autopilot with my savings and debt repayment.
Oddly, the savings part is coming easier than the debt repayment part.
Transferred $100 to my IRA, and will deposit Bathboy's $45 paycheck (I cash it for him, giving him half and putting the other half into a savings account for him, then deposit the paper check for myself) into my semi Xmas fund.
I only put $300 toward credit card debt (this week), and increased the total owed after paying my IRS screw up from last year.
Overall, this is how it looks for the first month of The Saved Quarter Challenge:
Started January with $16,600.
Now $15,711.
Credit Score was 671.
Now 678.
$300 toward retirement.
$200 toward Xmas fund.
Overall, this month was ok, and would have been great if not for the IRS mix up.
I need to keep my eyes on eliminating the credit card debt, as once that's gone, so much cash flow will be freed up.
Anyone else rocking The Saved Quarter Challenge?
Great Blog: Gail Vaz Oxlade


Melissa said...

Great work! It is nice to see the credit score improving with your hard work!

Mrs. Broke said...

Keep up the Great work! I'm still having a hard time Saving & paying off debt. We're saving up for the emergency fund before any Extra debt payments are spent. I can't wait to get started already!

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Hi fellow challenger!

I am enjoying the Saved Quarter Challenge, it is certainly helping me to pay down my debt and save for yearly expenses. You are doing a great job too!

Anonymous said...

Good job! I like that increase in your credit score, that's a definite good thing!

MorethanMom said...

Thanks Y'all!
I'm messing up when I try to answer you individually, so here goes:

Thanks Melissa!The positive change in my credit score make me almost as happy as making my debt go down!

Mrs.Broke, thanks! I'm trying to snowball the emergency fund as I go, but my debt is killing me, so that's where I'm focusing first (or trying to , anyway):)

Hey Lisa! Penny really got us all motivated! With the way your saving, that Xmas challenge goal will be met in just a few months!

Thanks Mandi! Congrats on being in the home stretch of your pregnancy :)And almost $197 is awesome!

The Saved Quarter said...

Lower debt, higher credit score? You're doing awesome!

Have you seen Gail Voz Oxlade's TV show, Til Debt Do Us Part? She tells it like it is and straightens out couples on the financial brink. I love her too!

MorethanMom said...

Yes, Penny, I watch her every Saturday!
Loved her book, too.
She has another show "Princess" that isn't available in the U.S. yet, but I can't wait for that one, too!