Thursday, December 27, 2007

Autism, Debt, and Being More Than Just Mom

I am the mother of two children with autism, and two without, and for the longest time I feel as if that is all I am. Due to finishing my undergrad and attempting grad school, I am currently in debt up to my eyeballs.

The debt is about $25,000 in cc debt, and there is also substantial student loan debt. For 2008, my goal will be to:

1. Wipe-out the 15k on Visa and 10K on Discover.
2. Start a Roth, and max it out.
3. Begin a fund for a bathroom renovation.

Nothing like shooting for the stars :) I get child support and fiscal help from one bio-dad that covers my mortgage and other housing costs, and zilch from the other. I am limited in that I am unable to hold a "real" job, as being a mother to disabled offspring precludes it. I do work at home, and am able to make a living, and based on the past few months, am on my way to making a living to get me out of debt and back to having a life :)

And, here I go

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