Monday, December 31, 2007

Just a regular day

I am at home, trying to get some work done.This has been a long school vacation with the demon spawn. As usual, Rainman has been sucking up most of my attention. At the moment, he is running around buck naked except for a holiday shopping bag on his head, jumping up and down and screaming "Hoo-ray! Hoo-ray!" He is going stir crazy, but the options are mighty limited with what I can do with him. He doesn't have friends, the only thing he has that are close to peers are scattered all over the state, and his unfortunate habit of stripping and jerking on his penis when he is frustrated further limit where I can take him.
The only places I can really take him are places where there is no one else, or the drive thru. Tried to have a no spend day, but had to go the bank to cash a check because my atm card is once again among the missing (thanks Rainman and your habit of tossing stuff out the window when I drive). I just had it replaced less than a month ago and hope (in vain) that I find it.
We hit the Dunkin Donuts drive thru for his usual "large orange juice, honey honey dip donut raisin bagel with cream cheese" (all said as one word by him) but they had no honeydip. This only caused a semi-melt down, and when they didn't have chocolate honeydip either, he took it rather well, with only a half hearted "GoddamitIhatethis". He then wanted to take a long ride, while he ate his stash and I semi-vegged as I drove. He likes to eat and be driven, but any small annoyance (a half missed favorite song on the radio, a too toasted bagel, a loud noise) and he begins to dig his nails into my wrist, kick his feet against the ceiling, bang his teeth against any hard surface, and strip while pulling out his penis. I drove by some playgrounds hoping the cold weather would have kept others away, but each park had at least a few children. I just couldn't deal today with the funny looks, nasty remarks, or even out right hostility which always comes even when Rainman's screeches are happy.
And then, I just didn't want to make dinner. Anti-frugal, but the other off-spring where begging for Wendy's and it was just too easy to give in.
And, for the life of me, I can't find a jumpdrive that isn't full. I need to save some pics I created, but either Rainman or the ferrets have absconded with them. I also need another printer, as Rainman banged the last one and when it fell, it stopped turning on. Oh well, what can you do?
So, it's New Year's Eve, the house is in disarray, Rainman is screeching happily, I am trying to make money, the other offspring are folding towels, and a horrible old Chuck Norris movie is on. Let's hope the old superstition about whatever you are doing at the stroke of midnight is what you do for the rest of the year does NOT hold true, or I am so screwed :)

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