Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back in the saddle.

Been missing in action, but had one of those periods where I put in a ton of effort and am only starting to see results now.
The past few months since my last post where filled with uncertainty, with me not adding debt, but no real income coming in from what had been my steady pay.
I worked on another source, and it helped immensely, but it's still not what I was bringing in.
That needs to change.
Also, between ER visits for two of the offspring (concussion, fractured ribs, deep cut to toe with ear infection) and the fact that everyone has a deep hacking cough that is viral as opposed to bacterial, it sucks to be me right now.
Tomorrow, at least three of the offspring will be home, including Rainman, which makes it next to impossible to get real work done.
And, I definitely see yet another doctor's visit tomorrow, looks like conjunctivitis is in the house.
But, new month and all, and here we go.
I need to get back to meal planning, but right now, it's eat what stays down.

The Saved Quarter Challenge:
Credit card debt: 14952.
Goal by June:13500.
Retirement: $650 (Random, but I have an account that is specifically earmarked, and that's what I made from it and will get a deposit within a week or so).
Goal to be made this month for June:$1000.
I also will attempt $45 toward Xmas, and $50 savings per week.
Feels good to have a goal again :)

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