Friday, February 18, 2011

Money Musings

It's a marathon, not a race.
My mantra this month.
The one lesson I've learned in paying down credit card debt is that it is so much more than just paying the balance.
I throw money at it, and then interest kicks in, then it makes my payment halved, then I throw more at it, and it seems that the balance is getting smaller at less than a snail's pace.
Contrast this to how fast my money grows in savings (adding small amounts on auto-pilot equals a happy squeal when I do check the balance) and it makes me alternately mad at getting myself in debt, mixed with renewed determination to finally get it all paid off.
Add this to the uncertainty of payment from a formerly great source of revenue that has been slowly dying due to bad business decisions on the part of the owner, and the need to be debt free so that I am at no one's mercy (credit card lenders, student loan creditors, banks) is heavy on my mind.
On the upside, just got off the phone with the IRS, and will be getting a small check and a nice credit for overpayment.
I know that I am making progress, if only because I'm not adding debt, and my credit card debt isn't my only debt, as I am making progress on my mortgage, student loans, car loan, etc.
And there's no way around it, four teenagers in a HCOL area equals big expenses.
Just keep swimming.

Credit Card: $15,535.

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The Saved Quarter said...

Hi! You signed up for The Saved Quarter Challenge for accountability and motivation in your savings goal, but we haven't seen you recently and hope you're meeting your goals! Stop by Monday and share your progress. :)