Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Grape shampoo & Speed Roth

So, Forrest takes a shower, jumps into bed, and the dogs are all over him. He is yelling, so I go upstairs, and he is sticky, and smells like fruit.
"Forrest, did you use soap?"
"Yes, Mother, I did use soap, Mother, I used the purple soap."
I go check.
He used the grape jelly in the squeezable tube.
I am woefully behind on my retirement savings. And I need to aim for $4000 before the tax year ends.
There are more or less 13 paydays left until taxes close.
I need to have $308 each Wednesday to do this.
I am really going to have to push to do this.
I am going to do this by pushing myself with some drudge, barely pays stuff that I dislike, but I really need to generate income.
I am going to open a Roth here by tomorrow, as I just got a check from a client and I can deposit it tomorrow, as well as I get direct deposit tomorrow from my main employer.
I will post more tomorrow, as the children came back early and Rainman is wiping Chocolate ice cream on my ankle.

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