Saturday, January 5, 2008

Budget Busters

Right now, the biggest ridiculous expense is gas. Rainman goes to a school about an hour away, each way. That is four hours a day, and guess who drives him?
The school system is supposed to, there is an IEP with this in place, but for the last three months I have been hauling him there and back. Partly due to the fact that most of the bus drivers should be in special ed themselves, and partly do to a director of sped that is extremely scattered and cheerfully incompetant, I have been spending about $50 a day in gas plus about $10 for Rainman's "raisin bagel honey honey dip orange juice" (and my large french vanilla (don't even think about me driving without coffee) iced regular) and this is just money thrown away.
The Ex has been throwing a hundred to me about every other week toward gas, but this is killing my snowball (money thrown toward debt). This is supposed to be cleared up in a week or so, when they finally get Rainman a restraint that fits.
My confidence in this ending without going to mediation is zilch.
$300 a week toward gas and donuts.
This is so depressing.

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