Sunday, September 11, 2011

Surfing Credit Card Debt

New D-day October 1, 2012.
I did a balance transfer, and put my high rate Discover balance to a 0% Citi transfer offer with a 5% fee, for 18 months.
It should help me pay it off faster, but Mint doesn't like it.
I also had a very expensive start of the school year, spending more than I wanted, and as my income took a dip due to less work, I put a most of it on a credit card, so with that and the balance transfer fee, not a good debt pay off month.
I am focusing on my cc debt, and I know it's a marathon not a race, but my car loan feels like it's going down by leaps and bounds, although my student loan debt seems to be dragging along.
Just got to keep swimming.
Menu plan for the week:
Sunday: Leftover take out pizza from lunch (ex pays for this as I take the twins back early)
Monday: English Muffin Pizzas
Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken, potatoes, onions, etc (trying to get rid of some root vegetables).
Wednesday: Cheesey Chicken Casserole (eating from the freezer)
Thursday: Spaghetti meatballs red sauce.
Friday: most likely just me, something easy like salad.
Saturday: Digiorno pizza from the freezer, salad.
Looks not so healthy, but on the side is always veggies, salad, etc.
And I have a lot of stuff that will soon go bad if I don't use it up.

With the weather getting colder, I will be filling in with snacks such as blueberry muffins, baked apples, and there are so many inexpensive bread recipes that I really want to try.
And I may even get really ambitious and start taking pictures ;)

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