Monday, September 26, 2011

Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement is a joke.

$12,364. is my debt.
Got to love when you get a call from the Department of Revenue about back child support and even they are shocked at how much is owed.
Another six months has passed without even a penny in support paid, two court appearances with the Judge doing absolutely nothing, and another $5000 or so added to back support owed.
The Massachusetts Department of Revenue does not take child support enforcement seriously.
The Massachusetts Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Division overall has been useless in collecting unpaid child support for my children.
As of 9/23/11, not including unpaid medicals, anything we were supposed to go half on, the money he owes to the other family deadbeat dad has a son with that he doesn't see either, or the years of back support that I gave up on, the total child support enforcement order $27,219.
The child support enforcement rep I spoke with on Friday actually had a heart, and explained that with the back load of cases, they can't even get a court date for me until a year or 18 months.
She suggested I file on my own.
Great, file on my own to appear in court against a family law attorney?
Um, no.
It's disgusting.
What did happen, after years of him not paying, there does seem to be a consequence, that went into effect Friday.
His driver's license was suspended.
Most likely, he will appeal, and the child support enforcement judge will reinstate it, but please send positive thoughts that she will at least make him pay something before she does.

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