Friday, October 10, 2008

Rainman is sick.
Two days home from school and not eating.

Maybe a checklist will help keep me on track.
$1200 CC's/700
$500 car payment/ $500./done
$500 water bill
$500 xmas fund/ $100 so far
$500 Roth/ $400 so far.
$200 ef/ $200/done

So far, renewed Dreamhost for the year/business $150
had to buy an industrial fan for the basement, $210.,
Cash $120 yesterday which got gobbled up by Domino's mainly to get something into rainman, Dunkin Donuts for me and Rainman, Babygirl for the mall, her dance, Babygirl and bathboy's lunches, and at some point I need coffee to get stuff finished tonight :)
Serve $86.
Wal-mart $61

Reminder to me-
SL's $600/1100.

Jibberish but I need to save my coherant thoughts for people who pay me :)

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